Thursday, May 7, 2009

Rainforest Lovelies... New ArtFire Shop!

Whatever I can try to get my artwork out there, I'm going to try it! So when I spoke to John Jacobs, the president and founder of ArtFire, and he let me know about all the tools for artisan sellers on ArtFire, I thought I might try to bring a few of my items over to his site! This is my new ArtFire shop:

And here's what I chose to start off with, opting not to go my usual gothic route with this new site:

Kit's Glass ArtFire Kit's Glass ArtFire Kit's Glass ArtFire

According to Mr. Jacobs there are a lot of promotion tools for us sellers; Rapid Cart, Market Hub, Tweet This, VoteHandmade, etc. I haven't had a chance to look very far into any of these yet, but I'm led to believe that Rapid Cart allows you to add a cart to your blog for handmade items listed on ArtFire! Sounds pretty neat to me, so I think I'll check that out first...

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